IntraLight photo-toxic crop protection technology is a radical departure from traditional pesticides. Learn more about our approach below.


Supporting Farmers and Food Production

IntraLight’s mission is deliver farmers a more effective crop protection method using photo-toxic technology. IntraLight’s crop protection technology greatly reduces farmers crop protection and labor expenses and allows for no-residue production. Removing chemical residue from produce opens a new route for farmers to capture value, gain pricing power and market their crop with ease.


Safeguarding Farmers, Consumers, and the Environment

IntraLight allows farmers to eliminate chemical pesticides from their crop protection systems. This keeps our fields clear of chemicals and helps to ensure farmers and consumers are safe from pesticide exposure. By reducing active pesticides applied to fields, IntraLight prevents environmental contamination through field runoff and propagation through the food chain.

Case Studies

Use the links below to explore IntraLight case studies and learn more about IntraLight research.

Revolutionize Crop Protection with IntraLight

Automate crop protection to eliminate points of failure in your production system. With traditional crop protection, a single failure in one of a half dozen steps can lead to a continuous, expensive, and unending battle to eliminate an infestation. One worker incorrectly applying pesticides, skipping an application, or failing to follow standard operating procedures when entering the facility can trigger an infestation, or render a treatment regiment ineffective. Trust IntraLight automated crop protection to treat your plants completely every night for stress free crop protection.

Stop chasing pest free cultivation, realize automated crop protection with IntraLight phototoxic pesticides.

Customer Testimonials

Amazing, they have been providing the results I desire. Could not be more happy. I have them in half the rooms I have and definitely notice bugs in the rooms they are not in. COMPLETELY eliminated my spider mite problem.


My IPM before IntraLight was lacking at best and primarily reactive. IntraLight now provides me with proactive treatments every night with no chemicals!


The IntraLights we setup in one of our grow rooms knocked out a spider mite infestation we’ve been dealing with for years. We went from heavy stippling and occasional webbing to just a few mites in the room.


We found spider mites in our garden, and thought we would have to cut everything down or spray some serious chemical pesticides which we weren’t willing to do. We installed IntraLights in a last-ditch effort, and in just a couple of days, the mites totally vanished!


Having IntraLights in my home garden is like having a second worker!


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