IntraLight photo-toxic crop protection technology is a radical departure from traditional pesticides. Learn more about our approach below.


Supporting Farmers and Food Production

IntraLight’s mission is deliver farmers a more effective crop protection method using photo-toxic technology. IntraLight’s crop protection technology greatly reduces farmers crop protection and labor expenses and allows for no-residue production. Removing chemical residue from produce opens a new route for farmers to capture value, gain pricing power and market their crop with ease.


Safeguarding Farmers, Consumers, and the Environment

IntraLight allows farmers to eliminate chemical pesticides from their crop protection systems. This keeps our fields clear of chemicals and helps to ensure farmers and consumers are safe from pesticide exposure. By reducing active pesticides applied to fields, IntraLight prevents environmental contamination through field runoff and propagation through the food chain.

IntraLight’s Pesticidal Light Treatment Technology

Proprietary Pesticidal Spectrum

Our unique pesticidal spectrum has been designed to eliminate a wide range of pest and pathogen species. These species include fungi and molds such as botrytis and powdery mildew, as well as small soft-bodied insects including spider mites, aphids, thrips, and many more.

This is achieved by IntraLights photo-toxicity technology which targets an evolutionarily in-built vulnerability in small insects and microbes. The IntraLight pesticidal spectrum targets the DNA of pests and pathogens while leaving crops unharmed. This DNA damage impairs pests’ ability to reproduce, hatch and grow. As DNA damage spreads within a pest population, the DNA damage of IntraLight technology keeps pest populations at bay.

No-Residue Pest Control

The IntraLight pesticidal spectrum targets an evolutionary in-built vulnerability of microbes and soft-bodied insects. This vulnerability allows our light treatments to devastate the DNA of pests and pathogens on live crops, without applying any chemicals directly to produce. This ensures the highest possible quality harvest. A no-residue crop can command a premium, differentiate your farm, and solidify customer loyalty.

Unique Form Factor

Our form factors are designed to target pest habitats on leaf undersides and to achieve maximum canopy coverage and penetration. Our #5 Ring Light form factor is designed to be installed under plant canopies, directing pesticidal lighting upward through the canopy, targeting insects preferred habitats on leaf undersides.

Horticulturalists and gardeners know that pests tend to congregate on leaf undersides. This shade seeking instinct is hardwired into pests in order to protect them from the damaging parts of the solar spectrum.  Rather than evolving their own protection from these harmful rays, pests and pathogens piggyback on the evolutionary defenses of their hosts.

This evolutionary path allows the IntraLight pesticidal spectrum to quickly target and destroy the DNA of pests and pathogens with a short, low intensity light exposure.

Daisy-Chaining Large Arrays

With the high efficiency of the IntraLight pesticidal spectrum a short 60 second treatment, once every 24 hours, is all that’s required to keep pest populations below economically impactful levels. This short treatment duration ensures that while light treatments need to be applied in the dark period, photo-period sensitive plants will not have their light cycles interrupted. This short exposure time combines with the high energy efficiency of IntraLights to allow for daisy-chaining arrays of up to 90 #5 Ring Lights to a suitable power source.

Preventing Resistance Build-Up in Pest Populations

Pest populations building up resistance to commonly used and overused chemical pesticides is a constant problem for horticulturalists. With every application, an accelerated natural selection is taking place, weeding out the vulnerable pests and selecting for the hardier pests with superior resistance to a specific pesticide. This ongoing process leads to pesticides quickly becoming obsolete and requiring replacement with new or harsher alternatives.

IntraLight photo-toxic technology damages the DNA of pests and pathogens. By targeting such a core aspect of pest’s anatomy, building resistance is impossible. IntraLight technology will eliminate pests and pathogens using the same core mechanism for as long as growers are plagued by pests. With automated light treatments every 24 hours, growers switching to IntraLight can Install the system, and walk away.


Differentiation can mean the difference between success and failure for small and medium sized cultivation facilities. When growers shift to organic chemical pesticides, or other less harsh crop protection methods, to pursue quality and sustainability differentiation, crop protection costs increase significantly. IntraLight provides photo-toxic pesticides to allow growers a route to this differentiation channel at a cost even lower than traditional chemical pesticides. Producers who switch to IntraLights are able to market their products as no-residue to develop pricing power and drive increased traffic with the pull of a sustainably grown, clean product free of chemical residues.  

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Case Studies

Use the links below to download IntraLight case studies and learn more about IntraLight research.

Revolutionize Crop Protection with IntraLight

Automate crop protection to eliminate points of failure in your production system. With traditional crop protection, a single failure in one of a half dozen steps can lead to a continuous, expensive, and unending battle to eliminate an infestation. One worker incorrectly applying pesticides, skipping an application, or failing to follow standard operating procedures when entering the facility can trigger an infestation, or render a treatment regiment ineffective. Trust IntraLight automated crop protection to treat your plants completely every night for stress free crop protection.

Stop chasing pest free cultivation, realize automated crop protection with IntraLight phototoxic pesticides.

Customer Testimonials

Amazing, they have been providing the results I desire. Could not be more happy. I have them in half the rooms I have and definitely notice bugs in the rooms they are not in. COMPLETELY eliminated my spider mite problem.


My IPM before IntraLight was lacking at best and primarily reactive. IntraLight now provides me with proactive treatments every night with no chemicals!


The IntraLights we setup in one of our grow rooms knocked out a spider mite infestation we’ve been dealing with for years. We went from heavy stippling and occasional webbing to just a few mites in the room.


We found spider mites in our garden, and thought we would have to cut everything down or spray some serious chemical pesticides which we weren’t willing to do. We installed IntraLights in a last-ditch effort, and in just a couple of days, the mites totally vanished!


Having IntraLights in my home garden is like having a second worker!


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