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Introducing IntraLight. A new horticultural technology allowing growers to conquer pests & pathogens without pesticides or chemicals of any kind. IntraLight is the world’s first no-touch pesticidal solution.

Utilize the light spectrum like never before for a grow that is beyond your expectations.

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#5 Ring Light

Bring your crop protection into the twenty-first century with IntraLight’s pesticidal light treatments. Designed to be installed on pots or your growing medium IntraLight #5 Ring Lights eliminate pests without the need for chemicals and labor.


Reduce chemical and labor costs

Eliminate chemical and labor expenses with IntraLight’s one-time pricing model.


Capture value and increase pricing power

Increase the value and marketability of your crop with no-residue pest management.


Develop and improve environmental stewardship

Safeguard customers, workers, and the environment by reducing chemicals in your production system.

The IntraLight Approach

No-Residue, Automated

Light Treatment

IntraLight technology uses a proprietary pesticidal spectrum to target small insects and microbes. The IntraLight pesticidal spectrum damages the DNA of pests and pathogens while leaving crops unharmed. This DNA damage impairs pests’ ability to reproduce, hatch and grow, and once it has built up within a pest population, keeps pest populations below economically impactful levels.

IntraLight’s approach exploits an evolutionarily in-built vulnerability in pests and pathogens. As all horticulturalists and gardeners know, pests tend to congregate on leaf undersides. This shade seeking instinct is hardwired into pests in order to protect themselves from damaging parts of the solar spectrum.  Rather than evolving their own protection from these harmful rays, pests and pathogens utilize the evolutionary defenses of their host plants. This evolutionary weak spot allows IntraLight’s pesticidal spectrum to quickly target and destroy the DNA of pests and pathogens with short, low intensity light treatments.


avg. bottom line growth

Indoor and greenhouse growers who switch to IntraLight realize an average revenue save of 20%.

hour peace of mind

Remove the worry of pest infestation with automatic daily treatment.


Elimination of Crop Protection Expenses

Negate chemical and labor costs by switching to IntraLights.


tons of chemical pesticides Prevented

Our mission is to prevent 500,000 tons of pesticide applications in a single year.

Daisy Chain Large Arrays

Flexible Layouts

Rigid Control

Easy Installation

IntraLight’s waterproof #5 Ring Lights are designed to be placed on pot rims, directly on soil or other growing media, or even on the bottom of grow trays. This positioning allows IntraLights unique form factor to target pests and pathogens where they naturally congregate, on the underside of leaves. Up to 90 #5 Ring Lights can be daisy-chained into a single suitable timer and power source.

With the high efficiency of the IntraLight pesticidal spectrum a short 60 second treatment, once every 24 hours, is all that’s required to keep pest populations below economically impactful levels. This short treatment duration ensures that while light treatments need to be applied in the dark period, photo-period sensitive plants will not have their light cycles interrupted.

Savings from Switching to IntraLight

Savings on Crop Protection Chemicals:

A typical greenhouse will spend on average 2.5% of revenue on chemical pesticides alone, not including crop protection labor. Particularly vulnerable crops will increase this figure as they require higher rates of pesticide application. Attempts to switch to less harsh chemicals or to organic pesticides will also increase this figure as specialty crop protection chemicals often charge a premium and require higher application rates. Under trained and poorly performing workers applying pesticides incorrectly will exacerbate these problems. Crop protection costs are eliminated by a one-time purchase of an IntraLight array.


Savings on Crop Protection Labor:

Scouting and monitoring crops, tagging infestation sites, identifying pest species, choosing a protection method, and applying pesticides or beneficials. With traditional crop protection techniques, labor expenses pile up quickly, with unskilled workers and labor shortages adding to labor costs. IntraLight technology negates labor expenses. With automated crop protection technology, eliminate human error and never miss a pesticide application again.


Capture Value:

Removing chemical residue from produce helps to ensure the highest quality, cleanest harvest possible. With organic and no-residue purchasing trends growing over recent years, passing $60 billion in the US in 2021, producers who supply these growing markets can capture value and solidify customer loyalty. Differentiating your produce as top shelf, no-residue produce gives pricing power back to the grower.

Read more about differentiation on our Blog

IntraLight Payback Period and ROI:

The payback period of switching to IntraLight depends first on your current crop protection expenses that IntraLights will negate. These include chemicals, biologics, IPM systems, scouting, and application labor. These savings combine with value capture, differentiation, pricing power, and customer loyalty to create a quick payback period with years of ROI. Depending on the current crop protection systems used by your farm, a switch to IntraLights will pay for itself in typically 12-18 months. IntraLights, unlike all other crop protection methods, involve only a one-time upfront expense, a single installation after which the system will automatically apply pesticidal light treatments to your crops. The longevity of LED technology, combined with the energy efficiency of IntraLights ensure your no-residue pest management system will protect your harvests for decades.

Use our ROI Calculator to determine your payback period and expected ROI.

Customer Testimonials

My IPM before IntraLight was lacking at best and primarily reactive. IntraLight now provides me with proactive treatments every night with no chemicals!


The IntraLights we setup in one of our grow rooms knocked out a spider mite infestation we’ve been dealing with for years. We went from heavy stippling and occasional webbing to just a few mites in the room.


We found spider mites in our garden, and thought we would have to cut everything down or spray some serious chemical pesticides which we weren’t willing to do. We installed IntraLights in a last-ditch effort, and in just a couple of days, the mites totally vanished!


Having IntraLights in my home garden is like having a second worker!


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