Stay ahead of the competition by moving to residue-free crop protection.

IntraLight #5 Ring Light

  • Fits #5 Pots or Installs Directly on Growing Media
  • Eliminate or Reduce Pests and Pathogens
  • Only 60s Light Treatment Every 24 Hours
  • Easy Installation
  • Daisy-Chain up to 90 Modules

#5 Ring Light 5 Pack

  • Bundle and Save with the #5 Ring Light 5 Pack
  • Eliminate or Reduce Pests and Pathogens Across 320 Cubic Feet!
  • Only 60s Light Treatment Every 24 Hours
  • Install Across Cultivation Systems
  • Daisy-Chain up to 90 Modules

10ft Extension Cable

  • Increase the Distance Between 2 Daisy-Chained IntraLights
  • Extend the Cable Length Between Power Supply and Terminal Cord
  • Only for #5 Ring Lights

Save on Crop Protection

Eliminate pesticide and labor costs by switching to IntraLights. Ensure every crop protection treatment is applied automatically and effectively for years to come with a single upfront expense.

Gain Pricing Power

Solidify customer loyalty, secure lasting differentiation, and develop pricing power with no-residue crop protection.

Applicable Across Growing Methods

Protect crops across many growing methods with IntraLight’s pesticidal light treatment products.

IntraLight #5 Ring Lights are perfect for indoor cultivation, grow tents, nurseries, and more and are easily installed onto pot rims, grow trays or directly on your growing medium.

Protect Consumers and the Environment

Protect the environment from chemical contamination through runoff and food chain propagation. Provide your customers residue free produce and protect your livelihood from government intervention by heading off chemical bans and regulations.

IntraLight’s Exceptional Value

Target Pests and Pathogens

Eliminate or reduce pests and pathogen infestations and infections with a no-touch beyond organic solution providing residue-free produce.

Automate Crop Protection

IntraLights come in easy-to-deploy form factors which automatically apply pesticidal light treatments every 24 hours, giving you peace of mind that a pesticidal application will never be missed again. A timer capable of 60s increments is required for automatic treatment, see our recommendation here.

Complementary Technology

Continue to use traditional pest management systems when introducing IntraLight technology. IntraLights can be utilized in combination with organic or non-organic chemical pesticides, beneficial predatory insects, and general IPM systems.


Exceptional Product Lifespan

IntraLights utilize specialized LEDs with a per bulb lifespan of 5,000 hours, at an exposure rate of 60 seconds every 24 hours. Needless to say, IntraLights are built to last, providing a minimum of 2 decades of crop protection per unit.


Lowest Lifetime Cost

IntraLights roll decades of crop protection expenses into a simple one-time upfront cost. Switching to IntraLights will eliminate chemical pesticide expenses, as well as the labor required to apply them. The IntraLight pricing model, and long product lifespan, combine to make IntraLights the lowest cost crop protection system on the market.

Input your current crop protection expenses into our ROI calculator and see what payback period and ROI you can achieve when switching to IntraLights. ROI Calculator

Residue Free

Prevent and treat pests and pathogens using the IntraLight no-residue solution. Capitalize on no-residue produce to command pricing power and customer loyalty. Differentiate your produce with residue free cultivation and stay ahead of the competition.


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