Our Approach

IntraLight photo-toxic crop protection technology is a radical departure from traditional pesticides. Learn more about our approach below.


Supporting Farmers and Food Production

IntraLight’s mission is deliver farmers a more effective crop protection method using photo-toxic technology. IntraLight’s crop protection technology greatly reduces farmers crop protection and labor expenses and allows for no-residue production. Removing chemical residue from produce opens a new route for farmers to capture value, gain pricing power and market their crop with ease.


Safeguarding Farmers, Consumers, and the Environment

IntraLight allow farmers to eliminate chemical pesticides from their crop protection systems. This keeps our fields clear of chemicals and helps to ensure farmers and consumers are safe from pesticide exposure. By reducing active pesticides applied to fields, IntraLight prevents environmental contamination through field runoff and propagation through the food chain.

IntraLight’s Pesticidal Light Treatment Technology

Proprietary Pesticidal Spectrum

Our unique pesticidal spectrum has been painstakingly developed to eliminate a wide range of pest and pathogen species. These species include fungi and molds such as botrytis and powdery mildew, as well as small soft-bodied insects including spider mites, aphids, thrips, and many more.

Beyond Organic Pest Eradication

The IntraLight pesticidal spectrum targets an evolutionary in-built vulnerability of microbes and soft-bodied insects. This vulnerability allows our light treatments to devastate the DNA of pests and pathogens on live crops, without harming the crops themselves. This DNA damage quickly builds up across pest populations, causing non-viable offspring and population collapse.

Unique Form Factor

Our form factors are designed to target pest habitats on leaf undersides and to achieve maximum canopy coverage and penetration. Our #5 Ring Light form factor is designed to be installed under plant canopies, directing pesticidal lighting upward through the canopy, targeting common insect infestation sites on leaf undersides.

Daisy-Chaining Large Arrays

IntraLights use only 60 second bursts of light treatment every 24 hours. These short bursts combined with the low power use of LED technology allows for many units to be daisy-chained together. Creating large daisy-chained arrays of IntraLights makes installation easy.

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