Are IntraLights Right for your Farm?

Jun 15, 2022 | Pest Management | 0 comments

The Benefits of Switching to IntraLight

IntraLights deliver complete crop protection to growers without the need to continually purchase chemicals or the labor to apply them. This not only reduces growers’ expenses but actively increases the value of their produce. This increased produce value is achieved through easy marketability of produce as organic, and even beyond organic, free of any pesticide residue. Untouched produce is becoming more popular with consumers every year as fears around chemical exposure on and in food increase.

The benefits of reduced expenses and increased crop value require only a one-time purchase of an array of IntraLights suitable to your cultivation area. With each IntraLight ring treating 64 cubic feet, you can remove all future crop protection chemical and labor costs now with a single upfront purchase. IntraLights use cutting-edge low wavelength LEDs to produce our proprietary pesticidal light spectrum. The use of LED technology creates two additional major benefits for growers.

The first additional benefit of utilizing LED technology is an incredibly low power cost. With each ring treating 64 cubic feet of the growing environment with only a 60-second burst of pesticidal light, at an intensity of 6 watts, every 24 hours. This incredibly low power use means energy costs associated with your new IntraLight array will be so small as to be essentially zero.

The second additional benefit of utilizing LED technology with such low power cost is the exceptionally long lifespan of IntraLights. With 5,000 hours of usable life expected from each LED, nightly treatments of only 60 seconds translate into astoundingly long life expectancy for IntraLights. This means that a one-time purchase of an IntraLight crop protection system can replace many years of repeated chemical expenses, and related labor expenses.

Depending on your chemical and labor expenses, your IntraLight pesticidal system may pay for itself in just a few quarters, or at most a few harvests. For the many years, your IntraLight system automatically protects your crops from pests and pathogens, you will not only reap a significant ROI, your workers, the consumers of your produce, and the local environment will be free of consistent chemical contamination.

Safeguarding Your Farms Future

The negation of chemical contamination around your grow environment will not only protect individuals and the environment, but it might just end up protecting your business itself. Why would the removal of chemical contamination protect your business? By switching to non-chemical crop protection solutions ahead of the competition you not only set your brand and produce apart, but you may also preempt governmental intervention. As we have seen over the past few years, specific pesticide bans are occurring increasingly frequently.

The sudden ban of a core crop protection chemical may leave your farm scrambling to keep up with regulations. In the best case, a sudden ban may cause added expenses switching to a new chemical crop protection method. In the worst-case, such sudden intervention may result in a non-marketable harvest, an inventory of banned chemicals, and possibly even irreparable damage to your operation. By switching ahead of the curve, you can avoid these dangers, and even be in a position to reap the benefits of possible organic and beyond organic write-offs in the future.

The days of non-organic chemical pesticides are passing us by more rapidly every year. The transition from non-organic to organic crop protection is already well underway. However, the future of crop protection is neither organic nor non-organic chemical solutions, with their repeat chemical and labor expenses, and their residue on and in produce.

The future of crop protection is here today, in the form of IntraLights.

Stop spraying, protect with light.