#5 Ring Light


Ships Q4 2022


  • Prevent mites, aphids, thrips, and much more.
  • Treat powdery mildew, botrytis, etc.
  • Protects crops in a 64 ft3area above each ring.
  • One upfront fee for years of automated pest management.
  • Pre-order now for a 25% discount!

IntraLight rings prevent and reduce pest and pathogen infestations on and around crops, without the use of chemicals. Designed for the artisan grower who seeks the absolute highest quality, most differentiated harvest possible. IntraLights are the only pesticide system capable of keeping your grow completely free of chemical residue.

Protect crops in pots, grow tents, and raised beds with only a single upfront purchase of the IntraLight #5 ring light. A simple 60s light treatment every 24 hours is all that's required to protect your crops from pests and pathogens. A timer capable of 60s increments is required to automatically treat your crops, see our recommended timer here. One timer can support a daisy-chained array of IntraLights. Each IntraLight treats approximately 64 cubic feet above the ring, depending on canopy density and crop type. Daisy-chain up to 50 rings to a suitable power source.

Additional information

Weight 2 lbs
Dimensions 12 × 12 × 4 in

11.5" Diameter
6' Lead Cord
8.5" Terminal Cord
6W AC110V


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avg. min. revenue save

Growers who switch to IntraLight realize an average minimum revenue save of 2.5%.

hour peace of mind

Remove the worry of pest infestation with automatic daily treatment.


AVG. crop premium

Produce grown with IntraLights demands a premium as the only effective no-touch organic system on the market.

tons of chemical pesticides Prevented

Our mission is to prevent 500,000 tons of pesticide applications in a single year.


Reduce chemical and labor costs of pest management

Reduce or eliminate consistent agrochemical and labor expenses with IntraLight’s one-time upfront pricing model.


Increase crop value with Beyond Organic production

Increase the value and marketability of produce after converting to the IntraLight no-touch, beyond organic solution.


Vastly improve environmental stewardship

Safeguard the health of yourself, your workers, customers, and the environment by removing chemicals from your production system.

Savings from Switching to IntraLight

Savings on Pesticides Annually

Consider your farm’s annual crop protection expenses. A typical greenhouse may spend on average 2.5% of revenue on chemical pesticides alone, not including the labor to apply those pesticides. Significantly increased application rates are sometimes required based on crop species, methods of cultivation, etc. These costs will be negated by a one-time purchase of an IntraLight array.

Savings on Labor Annually

Consider the labor and equipment expenses associated with the application of your crop protection methods. These expenses will include the time, effort, and stress of scouting and monitoring crops, tagging infestation sites, identifying pest species, and choosing the best protection method. These expenses will also include the cost of labor to apply your chosen crop protection method, these costs will be negated by a one-time purchase of an IntraLight array.

Increased Produce Value

Consider the increase in value you can achieve by providing organic, and beyond organic produce for your customers. Additionally, consider the reduced marketing and sales efforts required to distribute a higher valued crop. Increases in the value of organic and beyond organic produce compared to their non-organic counterparts can range widely between crops. Certain crops will increase in value in the range of 50%-75% (ie. potatoes, peanuts, oats), while others will increase in value in the range of 100-150% (ie. tomatoes, onions, lentils). Upon adding back reduced distribution and sales expenses, switching to IntraLights can increase revenue and profit dramatically for most farms.

How Soon Will your IntraLights pay for themselves?

The payback period of switching to IntraLight depends first on your current crop protection expenses IntraLight can negate. These include chemicals, biologics, IPM systems, scouting, and application labor. These savings combined with the increased value your farm can command from an easily marketed and higher value beyond organic crop. Depending on these variables specific to your farm, switching to IntraLights will pay for itself in a few harvests or a single quarter. IntraLights, unlike all other crop protection methods, involve only a one-time upfront expense, a single installation after which the system will automatically apply pesticidal light treatments to your crops. With the longevity of LED technology, combined with the energy efficiency of IntraLights, your new beyond organic crop protection system will ensure a clean harvest for many years to come.

Daisy Chain Large Arrays

Flexible Layouts

Rigid Control

Easy Installation

The negligible power use IntraLights allow for dozens of IntraLights to be daisy-chained to a single power source, making large systems simple to install and operate.

IntraLight is the only grow accessory that enables rigid pest and pathogen control with zero chemicals.

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